Thursday, August 20, 2009

Democracy kicks ass.

Like Tantrum? You can vote us onto KMBC's A-List by clicking here. Love us? Leave a review...a comment...a star rating. We love to hear what you think. For example, guest monologist Jim Howard accuses us of "utter shamelessness." Fan Stacey (who writes an amazing blog about romance noveling and writing in general) says "it feels great to laugh for like 2 hours straight." Emily, an inspiringly rabid localvore, proclaims "They're hilarious! Every time!" Tom sez "fresh mouthbreath!" And from Massive Tassel, who should know: "They are built of super-laser-robot-parts and they smell like grape soda."

We love our fans, and will figure out some way (seriously!) to make it up to you. Thanks for your support!

1 comment:

Bryn said...

Aww! Look at you saying nice things about my blog :D I just now saw this! I'm a dope :) There is NOTHING LIKE going to one of your shows and laughing one's ass off. It is all your guys' fault that I now have laugh lines as deep as Colorado's Royal Gorge, but I don't mind. Totally worth it.