Tuesday, August 11, 2009

7 Questions for Jim Howard: Michael wants to know

NOTE: We want to get to know our guest monologists even better before the show. Each member of Tantrum gets to ask a question—the same one every time—to our special guests, who can answer them in as much or as little detail as they'd like.

Michael wants to know: What's the best decision you ever made? To woo my wee spousette, back when it looked very dubious (office romance, 9-year age difference, me with two kids from a failed marriage). Somehow we beat the odds.

There's still time...if you hurry...
Tantrum with Special Guest Jim Howard
Second Fridays at the Westport Coffeehouse

4010 Pennsylvania • 816-678-8886 for reservations
Friday, August 14 • 8pm • Tickets: $10
May contain adult material.

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