Monday, May 25, 2009

A preview of what's to come...

Contains seriously funny adult language.

If you’ve seen Star Trek novelist Kevin Dilmore perform with Tantrum, you know exactly why we’re bringing him back.

In our last show, he talked about bat'leths…smuggling liquor in cargo pants…and what really goes on at sci-fi conventions. Now—after a couple of intense months of attending Star Trek previews and comic-cons—he’s back with all new stories.

To get Kevin started, you’ll shout out topics you want to hear about. He can respond with anything he wants to—as long as it’s true. Then Tantrum takes over, twisting and turning his tales into a series of scenes.

Friday, June 12, at 8pm
Westport Coffeehouse Theatre, 4010 Pennsylvania
$10 all seats (cash at the door)

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