Sunday, March 1, 2009

Two chances to see Tantrum in March

March brings two completely different monologists for what are sure to be two radically different shows. 

Friday, March 13: Sassy B. Yatch of the KC Roller Warriors

Joining us for Second Fridays at the Westport Coffeehouse: Aris Chapman, aka Sassy B. Yatch, is a wife, mother, teacher and a bad-ass blocker for the KC Roller Warriors team Black-Eye Susans. 

Sassy's been sidelined since last year after a near-fatal car accident—but she's ready for a comeback bout in July. In the meantime, she's taking care of her four-year-old daughter and working to start her own business, matching caregivers with families. 

Outside the rink, she was on Wheel of Fortune in 2005. She wasn't the big winner: She lost to a twenty-something year old Katrina victim—and for the first time in her life, found out she was okay with second place. (OK, and she won $11,000.)

See her with Tantrum Friday, then cheer on the Black-Eye Susans at Fat Bruiseday on Saturday night.

Second Fridays at the Westport Coffeehouse
4010 Pennsylvania • 816-678-8886 for reservations
Friday, March 13 • 8pm • Tickets: $10
May contain adult material.

Wednesday, March 18: Cindy Schloss

Tantrum returns to the KC Public Library for the Talking Out of Turn series.

Cindy was named one of Radio’s Most Influential Women in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and again in 2006. After managing radio stations in major markets across the country, she added Career Coaching to her resume and started her first business venture, Centric Coaching. She's been active with the American Red Cross, United Way and the National Kidney Foundation, currently is serving on the Board of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kansas City and chairs the Marketing Committee and is on the Board for The Women’s Employment Network. She’s also an advisory board member for Flourish Magazine, a KC Women’s Business Publication.

Talking Out Of Turn at the KC Public Library
Plaza Library, 4801 Main • 816-701-3407 for reservations
Wednesday, March 18 • 7pm • Admission: FREE
All ages welcome.

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