Tuesday, March 3, 2009

7 Questions for Sassy B Yatch: Megan and Pete want to know...

NOTE: We want to get to know our guest monologists even better before the show. So we're introducing a brand new feature—7 Questions. Each member of Tantrum gets to ask a question—the same one every time—to our special guests, who can answer them in as much or as little detail as they'd like.

Megan wants to know: What makes you laugh out loud?
SASSY: Funny things kids do and say and watching someone act stupid or acting stupid myself.

Pete wants to know: What was the first album (45/8-track/cassette/cd/whatever) you purchased with your own money?
SASSY: I purchased Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" single (cassette) through BMG...actually, I'm not sure I ever actually paid for it or fulfilled my commitment of purchasing one tape at regular price, but does that still count?

Check back soon to see more answers to more questions. And hear more from Sassy and Tantrum at our next show:
Second Friday at the Westport Coffeehouse Theatre
4010 Pennsylvania • 816-678-8886 for reservations
Wednesday, March 18 • 8pm • Admission: $10 (cash only at the door)
May (OK, probably will) contain adult material.

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