Sunday, June 28, 2009

7 Questions for Scott Sjoberg: Josh and Trish want to know...

NOTE: We want to get to know our guest monologists even better before the show. So we're introducing a brand new feature—7 Questions. Each member of Tantrum gets to ask a question—the same one every time—to our special guests, who can answer them in as much or as little detail as they'd like.

Josh wants to know: What was/is the most unusual job you've held?

Worked at McDonald's and washed windows. Started my own business: I.C. Clearly Window Washing...sophomore in highschool and college summers.

Trish wants to know: What weird thing scares the hell out of you?
Spiders scare me. I have recurring nightmares about tornadoes. Now my son has the same dreams. Weird??!!

Tantrum with Special Guest Scott Sjoberg
in a benefit for the MS 150 team Feisty Devils
Second Fridays at the Westport Coffeehouse

4010 Pennsylvania • 816-678-8886 for reservations
Friday, July 10 • 8pm • Tickets: $20 (no passes or discounts accepted for this benefit show)
May contain adult material.

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