Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nice words from the Pitch

Don't miss "daring, scene-based improvisation" PLUS a "well-regarded sketch-comedy duo."

Alan Scherstuhl

Tonight, as Americans stagger home from Black Friday shopping and as newscasters scowl at the early numbers and warn us that "this looks like an unmerry holiday for retailers," you could talk to your family. Or, better yet, consider hitting the Westport Coffee House (4010 Pennsylvania) for the latest in a new breed of Kansas City improv: shows that pair the daring, scene-based improvisation of one of our best local troupes (Tantrum, which features Rob Grabowski, The Pitch's Best Funny Performer 2008) with the best imports from other cities (Corey Rittmaster and Monique Madrid's well-regarded sketch-comedy duo, the Union). Tantrum plans one of its inspired monologue shows. "We'll have a monologist telling true stories, and we'll spin off them into scenes," explains Trish Berrong, one of this town's sharpest comic minds. As for the Union, Berrong says, "They're both funny as hell and funnier together." In other words, if your idea of improv comedy is rhyming games — and "Can I get a celebrity? Yes! David Hasselhoff!" — you should spend Black Friday getting schooled. And laughing. The show costs $10 and starts at 8 p.m.; for reservations, call 816-678-8886.

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